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More bunnies, give them homes

I'm back already with more~

1) Prime, with Jazz and Prowl (Animated version): Prowl used to be Barricade, Megatron's most loyal and lethal assassin. A hit gone wrong, however, made him realize his error and defect. He found some neutrals to overhaul his frame and took a new designation: Prowl. Only Optimus and Ratchet are aware of this, and now that Megatron seems to have another trick up his sleeve, and a big one at that, Prowl knows the only way to find out what it is is to send in a sleeper agent. So Ratchet rebuilds his old body and they reprogram him to once again become Barricade. There are precautions in place, so that he is physically incapable of mortally wounding an Autobot (his weapons or frame will lock up). He is given artificial memories of killing Prowl to explain Prowl's disappearance (it will all come out when he comes back). Optimus and Ratchet keep this information a secret so that the others won't 'go easy' on Barricade and make the Cons suspect something. Barricade steals Wheeljack's ship, which he uses to board the Nemesis, at first only meeting Starscream and Knockout, who aim their weapons. Megatron shows up, sees Barricade, who was thought to be dead for centuries (no one knew he became Prowl). He makes him his new SIC. Barricade sees a rebellion against Megatron forming so he starts killing Eradicons after torturing them for information. Jazz finds out that 'Barricade killed Prowl' and is out for revenge (they were together, but they hadn't sparkmerged yet). Jazz is then kidnapped and given to Barricade to interrogate. "Barricade, be more careful this time. I won't bring you new toys if you keep breaking them."

Points if Jazz figures it out before he's captured

2) Animated: An injury in training causes Prowl's emotional control processor to short out, so he becomes unable to control his emotional reactions (ie blowing up at Bulkhead or getting depressed when Bee picks on him or insults him). He's had feelings for Jazz, so they come out, but luckily, Jazz feels the same. The Decepticons hear about Prowl's problem and exploit it in battle, causing him to have a complete emotional breakdown. When he is taken back to the med bay after a near fatal injury, he's scanned and it's finally revealed what happened so they finally fix it. After this, though, Prowl becomes even more closed off than before, even to Jazz. When Jazz finally gets him to speak... "Jazz, I revealed my spark to everyone. My deepest thoughts and feelings. I cried in front of them! How can I face the team after such humiliation?"

Points if Bee makes Prowl cry more than once before feeling bad about it

3) Animated: Blitwing wanders away from the rest of the Cons for awhile, wanting time to just chill (no pun intended). He sees a girl wandering the woods, and something seems off about her, so he watches her. Turns out, as he soon finds, she's an escaped mental patient and just as nutty as he is! She has schizophrenia of the voices in your head variety, and he constantly flips personalities in this conversation. He takes a slight liking to her, so when people come to take her back to the asylum she escaped from, he helps her escape.

4) Prime: An electrical storm hits the Nemesis and a power surge causes Starscream and Soundwave to switch bodies. Neither can figure out how to switch back do for the time being, they have to live each other's lives. This is kinda hard, since they're so different. 'Starscream' is suddenly far too quite, and 'Soundwave' is much too talkative. It is revealed that Soundwave doesn't talk because he has a speech impediment (the way he usually talks in most other continuities. I call it a Cybertronian speech impediment). Megatron catches on that something's wrong when 'Soundwave' starts plotting to overthrow him. Soundwave actually gets really mad at Starscream for that, startling the Seeker. Now, they're both desperate to get their bodies back.

I hope someone adopts my poor bunnies.


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