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Eighteen Bunnies

I have three Halloween and other Holiday bunnies.

1) G1: Its Halloween. Daniel asks several of his friends to go walk through the 'haunted woods'. He has several Autobots hiding making sounds to frighten his friends.

2) Transformers Halloween costumes ideas

A) Starscream dressed as the devil.
B) Bluestreak an angel
C) An Autobot goes headless (thanks to Hound’s hologram)
D) Ironhide a cowboy
E) Bumblebee a vampire
F) Sideswipe a zombie
G) Jazz as Elvis
H) Air Raid a vampire

3) Hot Rod helps Daniel carve a pumpkin.

4) "Trailbreaker, Hound. Why haven't the two of you returned from patrol yet?"
"We're helping some humans gather up turkeys from a truck that overturned on the highway."

5) "Red Alert have you lost your mind? You can't arrest Santa Claus!" Spike shouted.
"Why not? He's a fake. Do you know how many names he goes by? He also breaks into houses. You and every other human on this planet have been tricked and brain washed by him."

6) "Why do these humans have so many holidays?"

7) G1: The Autobots do commercials for humans.

A) Optimus Prime does a commercial telling kids to stay off drugs.
B) Red Alert does a commercial telling how important it is to have good security.
C) Hound: "Only you can prevent forest fires."
D) Tracks: "Want your vehicle to be shiny and beautiful like me? Use this wax."
E) Ratchet: "Don’t be stupid and wait until your sick or dying. Have regular check ups."

8) Decepticon surprised and sputtering, "How did you spot me? There's no way you could have found me!"
Random Autobot: "You underestimated the full moon."

9) Wheeljack experiments with duct tape after watching Carly and Spike use duct tape on something.

10) "Are my optics malfunctioning?! I just saw Sunstreaker racing through the desert!"

11) "See! That’s why we do not need any children here!" Red Alert exclaimed, pointing to a screaming Daniel.
"Red Alert, Daniel is just a baby. Loud noises scare children."

12) Movie verse: Skids and Mudflap both took a hit to the head and now their personality is switched. They take things serious. While the others like it they still want the twins back to normal.

13) An Autobot is laying in sewage.

14) The Ark has so much dust its making the humans sneeze.

15) Skywarp's teleport messes up and he's stuck in warp.

16) Thundercracker goes insane.

17) Seaspray is called on to see if the loch ness monster is real or not.

18) TFP AU: One of the kids is actually a Transformer. They woke up on Earth years ago and stay to hidden they took on a hologram. They're not actually a kid. They did it to blend in and to avoid suspicion. Could be Autobot or Decepticon.


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