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tf_bunny_farm's Journal

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Transformers Bunny Farm
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A place to post your Transformers plot bunnies, no matter the universe (G1, 2007Movieverse, etc).

WARNING: Joining and/or watching this community may cause random bouts of telepathy.


1. When posting bunnies, please tag your post with the universe, the characters and whether the bunnies are slash, het, or gen. Please do not tag your entries bunny, bunnies, plot bunnies, or plot bunny.

2. When adopting bunnies, when you post the fic please comment on the post you adopted the bunny from with a link to your fic.

3. If your bunny is for a mature fic (sexual content, gore, etc), please keep descriptions non-graphic so I don't have to mark this community as having adult content.

Also, because it has been asked for, a brief tagging tutorial. (Written by mmouse15

All you need to do is post the entry. When you click on post, the very next page that comes up has a list.

View the entry
Edit the entry
Add the entry to your memories
Edit this entry's tags

Click on the tag one. It takes you to a window where you can pick the appropriate tags from a list. Use your CTRL key to select multiple tags.

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