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Crossing Realms

Thinking about robots that can change into cars lead me wondering to what else they can discuse themselves as -
And in what other shows they might be working behind the scenes.

I.  Bolo Prime

II.  Remember The Magic School Bus?  What if the yellow bus was Perceptor?  (or any of your favorite Transformers?)
    Does that make Miss Valarie Frizzle a hologram?  Or is she simply the human who discovered/found/helped repair/helping neutral hide from the waring sides?

III.  How about a crossover with Slug Terra?  The mechas - animal form mechanical transports that everyone rides - are Transformers (could be leftovers from Quintessicon production, and have never known the Golden-Era, or are 'drone's).
     What would Blaster or Soundwave do if they found cassettes (cassette-like) robots being treated like non-thinking machines?

IV.  Star Trek: The Next Generation treats andriods (DATA) as sentient beings.  On the other hand, they are at war with a cyBORG race that is intersted only in absorbing knowldge- so, how would Picard's crew react if they found a mechancal race that has no qualms about downloading information from computers, or squishing fleshies?
      Star Trek: Voyager has a holographic doctor - upon meeting Hound (or others with hologram capabilities) would Kathrine Janeway consider the holomatter avatars a seperate being, or part of the new-specie's natural capablities?

V.  Jack and Maddie Fenton found a stasis-locked Cybertron (Autobot/Decepticion - I'm thinking Wheeljack), and, not knowing anybetter, studdied the Cybertron before making their Fenton Family Assult Vehical.  Strange things start happening around their inventions - and its not ghostly influence - (Danny Phantom Crossover)

VI.  The Transformers verses The Terminator:  Who'd win?  The metal robot from the future, or the metal robot from outerspace?

VII.  Pacific Rim - Jaegers are entirely human built.  The largest machines every.    But they are nothing in size compared to city-formers.
OR: Skyfire (like Omega Supreme transports) finds himself among local company - and for once, no longer feels like he's towering over everyone. 

In Which I'm Back With More Bunnies And Lots Of Tags

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First Bunnies


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9. "What are you in for?"

10. "...Did Ramjet just understand Perceptor!?!"

11. "You obviously don't comprehend the level of insane I operate at."

12. Beast wars characters acting out The Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
Waspinator: Tim The Enchanter
Silverbolt: Sir Robin
Terrorsaur: Sir Lancelot
Tigatron: Sir Galahad
Cheetor: King Arthur
Stampy: Killer Rabbit

13. Art. Wheeljack in a box labeled "Highly Explosive, keep your distance"

14. G1. The Twins learn that angry Wheeljack is scarier than Angry Ratchet. Why? Wheeljack throws his half finished projects instead of wrenches.

15. G1. A virus is going around The Ark and the Nemesis. Suddenly, mechs are speaking with the voices of famous characters, or getting a character's personality, or saying things they'd never say before.(Bonus points for getting personalities from other universes)

16. Art. Swoop and First Aid beating Megatron into submission with wrenches, Ratchet looking proud, the twins running away in horror

17. G1. Sideswipe:*dressed up as a pirate* Come on, say it!
Swoop: No, Swoop don't wanna!*flies off*
Sideswipe: Great, NOW where am I gonna get a parrot!

18. "So, what do you guys want for breakfast?"
"Gummy Bears!"
"Steve, no! We both know how you get around gummy bears!"
Vehicons/Eradicons in the morning?
Ratchet angry

Crack that! XD

Guys tell me a joke. ^^ No, seriously. It has been a while since I had a good laugh, so I wrote down a few ideas. Hope someone adopts a (Crack) bunny. ^^

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Skywarp - For Rent

Trine Bunny

During a conversation justbolts and I had a few weeks ago, we got started on the subject of characters ending up put into new and vastly different frames. The one that was the most intriguing was a ground model getting a flight-capable frame. Seeker frames were picked because they're hot interesting.

But what character gets the frameswap? Why would they get swapped? After much back and forth and figurings out, we ended up with this concept that we don't have any time to write, but love it enough to farm it out to someone interested enough in picking it up.

Set sometime in mid-G1, Starscream pisses of Megatron enough to get right and fully banished (or even better, outright killed). Thundercracker and Skywarp are pretty pleased to get rid of the jerk, but quickly discover a flaw in the situation. In this universe, Seekers do it in trines. The trine dynamic is required to keep systems running best, ect, and is the only way they can really get off.

That leaves Skywarp and Thundercracker in a bit of a pinch. There aren't any loose Seekers on Cybertron they can recruit, and they don't have the access to Vector Sigma that would let them create a new spark. But Skywarp points out that there's plenty of empty frames stashed on Cybertron, why don't they just snag someone else's spark and stick it in an empty frame? They don't like any of the other Decepticons well enough for that (plus Megatron would probably have their hides for it), so they set out to kidnap an Autobot. Skywarp makes the best plans, doesn't he?

Somehow or another, they get their hands on Perceptor, because he's not too aggressive and it'd be nice to have a scientist around again, right?

Perceptor would start off being pretty freaked out by the situation, the new frame, and all this new programming he has to deal with. Seeker Trine loyalty wars with Autobot Loyalty. Also, sometime along the process, Perceptor's interest is piqued by this interesting, albeit frightening, situation.

Skywarp and Thundercracker are at times annoyed by this bumbling new Trinemate (who they'll most certainly keep locked up for as long as possible) and also excited by their perceived ability to "train him up right".

Perceptor's new frame comes with plenty of base, cultural, and instinctive programming. How to fly, social drives, interfacing needs, etc.

We have no idea where this would lead (except for the Seeker culture building and plenty of smut) or how it would end. Sooo... Have fun? :D