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A new batch of Bunnies! FREE TO A GOOD HOME!

Right now I have a full hatch of bunnies to take care of.
Can't handle all these too.

(any continuity)

  1. You know the ol’ saying that ‘Seekers make great sparkling protectors’?  It’s a lie.  Propaganda spread by the … (Decepticon of your choice)

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I know I've adopted a few bunnies from others, but for the life of me, I have dropped them - can anyone point me to the posts and/or authors that I've promised to write a drabble, fic, or something for?
 (I suppose I could go back and reread comments, but am afraid of picking up hordes of bunnies that somehow missed me before)

First Post

First post, so tags might be a little odd... But anyways, they're from various continuities.


1. Starscream, still estranged from the other Decepticons, wakes up one day with a motorcycle alt. mode. After meeting an Insecticon named Venom, stuck in a weak body, the two find out that the Combaticon Swindle - the Combaticons having just made planet-fall - has made off with their old bodies... And the two have to get them back before he sells them.


2. The Decepticons catch wind of Blackarachnia's experiments and weaponize them. Say hello to the entire bug-ified Autobot team...
But where is Optimus, and who's that 'Tarantulas' character? (Tarry!Optimus, preferably with Tarantulas being a separate personality)


3. Starscream, as he promised, comes back to wreak his revenge, starting by stealing Terrorsoar's still functioning body from under the lava. However, when he's snooping about in Darksyde in order to perhaps steal something, he's found by Rampage - his clone. Seeker protective instincts kick in... And basically, no one's going to be safe from a very pissy and protective 'Screamer.


4. Pre-war, the Combaticons in high school. Even then, they're a close-knit group, so when the War starts, they have to decide whether to join Megatron's rebellion... or not.

5. G1 Starscream ends up on the run from the Decepticons for yet another grab at leadership... And ends up in the 'badlands', a series of dustbowls and gravel pits fought over by two sets of mercenaries, one RED, one BLU. Finding that they are a bit too tough to take on alone, the disgruntled Seeker ends up just hiding out at their bases to plot. (Crossover with TF2)

6. Seeker trines come in two types: traditional and non-traditional. Non-traditionals don't have a trine bond and are more common, but don't get along as well as traditonals (an example would be the coneheads), while traditionals have a bond and are rarer, more of a relic from the golden age (examples would be the Command Trine and the Rainmakers).
1) Trine bonds are spark bonds that are non-sexual, non-romantic, and produce an effect similar to the bond between spark twins. It makes them very able to co-ordinate in battle, and makes them instinctively predict their trine mates' actions. However, the death of one or more of the trine members causes something called 'trine withdrawal' in the remaining members, which is a relatively short period of time in which the Seeker weakens and feels pain. It's temporary, but makes the Seeker a liability, which is why there aren't many trine bonds anymore.
2)Trines have three parts: drive, energy, and temperance. Drive is always the leader and provides direction, energy provides motivation, and temperance reins in the other two. All three parts regulate each other; it's why the Command Trine is such an effective trine despite their differences.

In Which I'm Back With More Bunnies And Lots Of Tags

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TFP Starscream in TFA verse?

Just... this weird, weird little piece that's taken residence in my head.
Starscream from Transformers Prime verse has somehow ended up in Transformers Animated verse, and met the clones of his local equivalent. Following exchange ensues:

TFP!Screamer: *looking at the clones that are watching him with various levels of curiosity, disdain and wariness* "And these are all...clones of my native counterpart?"
Random!Mech: "Yes."
TFP!Screamer: "And you say they all represent an aspect of his personality?"
Random!Mech: "That's right."
TFP!Screamer: "... Did the mech have a single REDEEMING quality?"
Random!Mech: *looks around* "I think she's here somewhere..."
TFP!Screamer: "..." *facepalm*

Anyone's free to take this and run. Or heck, use it for any other character if the fancy takes them.
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Three little bunnies (Stunties, Aerialbots, Seekers and peacetalks)

[One little bunny from my pal Doomstalker].
G1. PG-13 or higher. Motomaster/Silverbolt. Every Aerialbot was created by Vector Sigma to counteract a certain Stunticon, accordingly. The problem is, they're too similar, alike, and complementary... to really hate each other.

[an AU plot-bunny from Deska]
What if there are places in universe where 'Cons and 'Bots can be at peace and their struggle is no more? Not a one-sided victory, not an armistice, but all-Cybertronian peace when all stand united as one people, in fusion and unison, one race once again.
This opens possibilities for many plot twists.
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[And my own "teeny-weeny" bunny. :D]
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G1 Seekers hate their jobs.

So I was watching this video (below the cut) and thinking, "Hm, legs." As you do. And then it hit me: Seekers!

Seems simple enough. Megatron hits on Starscream one too many times or Shockwave won't stop groping the Rainmakers and BAM! The trine quits in the most spectacular way possible. Because, really, legs. And Seeker-feet look like high heels anyway.

I think it would work as an art or a fic prompt, yes? :)
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An Itty-Bitty Batch

What with my mind getting invaded by other fandoms at the moment, the TF bunnies are slowly dying. Please, don't let these poor little things waste away. Adopt one today and you will also get your choice of a free mouse pad, mug, or calender with pictures of your adopted bunny.

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